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Do I hear a bit of Linus Roache in David Tennant’s American Accent? 


David Tennant Face Appreciation

"He’s just perfect. He’s got range, he’s got lightness. He can do anything – light, dark, funny, farce.” - Russell T. Davies

Happy Birthday tennantmeister!!



The Best, and Worst, Things about a Leap Year Birthday

Everyone I follow is killing it tonight on here! 

The most important question to ask about Gracepoint, will there be pinwheels? 




I would pay good money for that. This poster should totally exist (dear Photoshop Gods: please make it so!)


I don’t think I have ever reblogged a post so fast in my life. THANK YOU!!

Reblog if you’d run away with the Doctor this very instant.

Nine: I think I was in love once.
Ten: Really? What was her name?
Nine: Her name was Rose.
Ten: Doctor, we all love Rose.
Nine: I love Rose because she's fantastic. She always knew just what to say and she made me better.
Ten: Oh, yes! Rose was brilliant. All soft and warm and clever and so very human.
Eleven: I love River!
Nine: ...
Ten: ...
Eleven: I love Clara!
Ten: Doctor, are you just looking at girls in the universe and saying that you love them?
Eleven: I love... fez.
Ten: Do you really love fez, or are you just saying that because you saw it?
Eleven: I - I love fez! I love fez.